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Zeeds DeFi protocol is hacked by an attacker, but nothing is stolen


DeFi (an ecosystem of dispersed digital assets) has recorded a case of Zeed protocol smart agreement hacking. At the same time, the attacker could not/forgot to withdraw the stolen digital assets. Notification received from BlockSecTeam (a group of specialists that records, analyzes and controls the security of smart agreements).

The incident happened at 10.15 Moscow time on Thursday. The attacker did the following:

    Hacked protocol.
    He issued himself a certain amount of spatial reward.
    I sold it on the coin market and got a million dollars.
    Destroyed the hacked agreement.

The operation ended up turning the issued coins into an ineffectual collection of random symbols.

It remained interesting for BlockSecTeam that the scammer did not withdraw the stolen assets from the agreement until it was destroyed. In this regard, the special group put forward the following assumptions:

    haste in hiding traces of illegal activities;
    not knowing that the assets will be lost;
    the appearance of obstacles in the form of software restrictions.

The Zeed DeFi protocol runs on the BNB Chain blockchain and provides services for conducting financial transactions with small commissions. The system is autonomous and integrated. Specialists work and improve the project in the direction of creating an innovative product with the elimination of existing shortcomings.

At the moment, 10 billion ZF tokens have been issued. Almost all digital currency is concentrated in one place. Given the almost complete lack of activity in the crypto market according to the protocol, there remains a low probability of hacker attacks on system users.

A little earlier, experts notified that DeFi protocols are a target for the activities of scammers and other illegal cyberspace activists.