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The President of France expressed his support for the bill on the regulation of the crypto-currency market in the EU


Emmanuel Macron supported the regulation of the MiCA crypto market. In an interview with The Big Whale, the president noted that he does not see the financial sector in self-government mode.

According to Macron, the financial market, including the cryptocurrency one, cannot be stable if it is allowed to go into self-regulation mode. Only state control should determine the correct vectors of development, encouraging innovation.

This spring, the European Parliament adopted the MiCA regulation. In the future, the bill will be discussed in the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

Emmanuel Macron also expressed solidarity with the idea of creating a digital euro banknote. According to him, MiCA is just the tool that will advance this process.

The President spoke of the Web 3.0 industry as an opportunity that should not be ignored. Macron believes that Europe has a great chance to become the pioneer of a new generation of networked communication.

However, the President spoke with concern about the high pace of the digital industry. The high speed of development of technologies and computing systems can create a gap between those segments of the population who "own" the cryptocurrency market, artificial intelligence and those who do not actively use them.

Emmanuel Macron has long been an adherent of blockchain technology and constantly advocates its integration into the economic processes of France.

Recall that in the spring of 2022, the leaders of the crypto market came out with a call to the European Union not to tighten the regulation of digital money technology.