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Twitter announces plans to test USDC payments from Stripe provider


Stripe, which is a payment provider for online businesses, has launched the processing of transactions on USDC assets made using the Polygon blockchain technology. The well-known social network Twitter will become the first users of the product.

Payments are based on Stripe Connect technology, which simplifies the implementation of online transactions. The company said that Twitter uses payment to content makers through product monetization revenues - Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows. At the moment, a certain group of authors will be able to independently choose the payment option in one of the stablecoins.

According to Esther Crawford, chief product officer of the company, Twitter is the platform where people return to chat every day. Twitter constantly supports those who earn money and attract a different audience of users. The possibility of transactions using Stripe means is aimed at the comfort and convenience of all participants in the social network.

The Polygon algorithm was not chosen by chance. Blockchain implies fairly low commissions, while the speed of operations is quite high. Polygon has tight integration with ETH and a number of other popular wallets.

Recall that Polygon is a secure L2 network and independent sidechains. The main task of the algorithm is the scalability of ETH, the reduction of transaction fees, as well as providing users with high processing speed.

Stripe has announced plans to expand support for other coins. Moreover, by the end of this year, the company will implement digital payment support for 120 countries. Earlier, the provider has already announced support for a number of crypto platforms and NFT markets.