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EOS Ecosystem Launches Electronic Smart Agreement Machine


The EOS system, in its blockchain, began supporting Trust EVM, an electronic machine for organizing smart agreements, as part of the pre-alpha version. This information was published by development specialists on the official Twitter page.

The media investigated and found out that the test version will be released to the public within 30 days. A large-scale release of the electronic project in this system for all visitors is planned for the next autumn.

Also, the activation of the machine was confirmed by the chairman of the EOS Network Foundation, Yves La Rose. He announced this on his Twitter page. Yves La Rose sees the project as an innovative discovery for DeFi and GameFi with limitless possibilities combined with the speed, bandwidth and financial value of the applications.

The media found out that in the future, a personal token will be implemented for an electronic machine. This will help:

    development of various projects in the direction of EOS;
    reducing the dependence of costs on ENF transactions in case of inflation of ecosystem tokens;
    creation and development of business success.

The final date of release to the public level and open test implementation has not yet been specified.

The cost of EOS according to USD, taking into account information about the launch of the EVM, increased by 5%, in the equivalent - up to $ 2.5. The indicators of the capital of the token in the market rose to 2.5 billion.

A little earlier, it was reported that ENF were going to recalculate the costs that arose against the background of non-compliance with the provisions of the agreement with (he developed EOS). The $4.1 billion claimed amount will not be required. Losses will be recalculated in accordance with the interests of the parties.

Initially, Network Foundation chairman Yves La Rose intended to receive damages for this amount, and tweeted about it publicly. After a short time, due to changes in market conditions, an amendment was made. The amount has changed from $4.1 billion to $12 billion or more.