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How can users" personal data be used?

During registration on our website, you can specify the data with which the service allows users to pass identification. This may be an email address, full name, phone number, bank card number, electronic wallet and other similar information. All this data remains on the resource ( for the duration of the interaction with the user, since without them an effective data exchange for work is impossible.

How is information from users used at work?

All data transferred to the service database can be used to ensure operation. The main purpose of their application is the ability to configure the correct functioning of the service and applications. Accordingly, at the first request, customers will receive everything they may need to resolve their issues.

It is worth noting the work of the technical department. Here the personal data of users are required for rational operation. It is about the following:

  • processing data that will be used to improve the site so that users receive the highest quality conditions;
  • providing information about innovations in the work of the organization;
  • work on faster and more correct operation of the resource;
  • user feedback;
  • implementation of a system of measures aimed at preventing hacking by fraudsters.

To whom can information be shared?

Personal data specified by the user on the resource are considered secret. They are not allowed to be transferred to third parties. The only exceptions are situations provided for in the legislation. These include: a court order, a request from law enforcement agencies, a change in the structure of the company, its sale (in such situations, the data is received by the new head).

How do we use cookies ?

A cookie is a piece of information that is specified in the browser. It is recorded using the site server. This component provides interaction between the server and the browser. With the help of cookies , the resource recognizes the user if he has previously visited it. There are several types of data files. Among them:

  • necessary - help to recognize the type of browser, software, serve to provide various services;
  • analytical - allow you to recognize specific visitors, collect data regarding actions performed on the resource;
  • technical - make it possible to accumulate information used further to find errors, study activities, new characteristics of the system, which generally makes it possible to increase work efficiency;
  • functional - allow you to navigate through sites more easily and quickly, save the selected data transfer settings, etc .;
  • third-party - the study of new characteristics in the system used, for which statistical data are collected.

How long do cookies exist ?

Cookies are stored on the user"s device and exist for as long as necessary to interact with the site. The Yandex service collects data from the files in question in order to obtain the required error monitoring statistics. Such data can be stored for quite a long time. It all depends on certain tasks. After the process is completed, the deletion occurs automatically.

Who has access to the information?

The Service has the right to use data collection systems and analytics systems of third parties (third parties) on the website in order to improve the services provided and the quality of the website. The data collected by such systems is used by them in accordance with their regulations.

If the user visits the site for the first time, then he is prompted to use the files in question by the system. In case of a ban on a new visit, a second offer is received. The visitor can delete cookies on his own, for which there are corresponding browser functions.

Ignoring suggestions results in the user being disconnected from some features. The user"s PC may have pixel tags. They are used by Yandex to obtain data on transactions performed, as well as when collecting information about the features of the operation of its sites and services.

Application safety

Effective measures are taken by the administration of the resource to protect personal data. Thanks to them, it is not allowed to use personal data to other persons, all sorts of barriers are put up for this. The loss of confidential information is reduced to minimal risk. At the same time, you can never give a 100% guarantee of safety. The user is also partially responsible for keeping their password safe, using complex combinations to reduce the chances of guessing and hacking. If you find problems, contact site support.