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User Agreement

1. General principles

1.1 This agreement sets out the procedure for the provision of services for the exchange of electronic funds by a service operating in real time.

1.2 Under the designated service, Nordchange is accepted, which is registered on the Internet and provides the above services.

1.3 An individual or legal entity that has expressed a desire to use the services of Nordchange is considered a User.

1.4 The parties are the User and Nordchange, which have entered into an agreement with each other regarding the provision of exchange services.

1.5 Despite the fact that the agreement is written only in electronic format, the parties agree that it is legally as good as written on paper. The electronic document will define the business relationship.

1.6 The above agreement is considered a public offer, so the information contained in it can be operated in case of disputes.

2. What relations (subject) are regulated by the Agreement:

2.1 Paragraph No. 4 clearly states what kind of relationship and subject matter is in question. Nordchange provides services only in full compliance with the rules specified in paragraph No. 9. Features and principles of the online service, as well as internal rules can be found in paragraph No. 5.

2.2 The User unequivocally agrees with the principles of the provision of services and undertakes to pay for them after completion.

3. Rights and obligations of participants in the transaction:

3.1 Responsibilities of Nordchange:

3.1.1 Strictly follow the developed standards and carry out exchange services using the capabilities of electronic payment systems.

3.1.2 Timely (24/7) provide answers to all questions of Users in the process of converting electronic funds.

3.1.3 Do not disclose to third parties the User"s personal information (personal data) and information about the transaction (the time of the transaction and the amount to be converted). At the same time, Nordchange must provide all the above data to the User upon request. The online service is also obliged to ensure the safety of all the above information.

3.1.4 It is allowed to transfer data regarding the completed transaction only in the following cases:

  • in the presence of a court decision, which was decided by the official body operating at the place of registration of the online service (the decision must come into force);
  • upon receipt of an official request from law enforcement agencies or from institutions exercising control over financial flows both within the country and abroad;
  • when contacted by partner companies engaged in related activities.

3.1.5 When carrying out operations for the conversion of electronic currency, take into account discounts (both general and personal) provided to the User.

3.1.6 If there are complaints (features of their filing and cases when they can be filed are specified in clause No. 5) within 24 hours from the moment the User applies, return (transfer) the specified amount to the account of the client or his authorized representative (if possible technically).

3.2 Obligations of the User:

3.2.1 Ensure the provision of up-to-date data that is necessary for transactions related to finance.

3.2.2 Specify a working email address.

3.2.3 Install and keep up-to-date anti-virus software required to work with the online service. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection, respond in a timely manner to system alerts received from the Nordchange administration.

3.2.4 Consider and follow all the above rules.

3.2.5 Inform the Nordchange administration about errors that occur when transferring funds (the amount was not transferred in full, the waiting time exceeds the allowable limit, etc.). Report emerging disputable situations (information in paragraph No. 5). All appeals based on precedents are considered only if no more than 30 calendar days have passed since the moment of the financial transaction. Otherwise, complaints will not be accepted.

3.2.6 Before concluding an agreement, carefully read the current laws regarding the specifics of financial transactions on the Internet. Follow them clearly.

3.2.7 It is forbidden to cheat traffic (regardless of the methods).

3.2.8 Guarantee that at the time of interaction with the online service, the User has reached the age of majority, in accordance with the laws of the country where the User is located.

3.3 Rights of the online service:

3.3.1 To improve the operation of the resource, the introduction of new technologies and solutions, temporarily suspend work.

3.3.2 If there are appeals from law enforcement agencies and court decisions that have entered into force, as well as in the event of various kinds of precedents, suspend exchange operations until the situation is clarified.

3.3.3 The amount of the discount for online conversion is set without prior agreement and pressure.

3.3.4 It is allowed to set the amount of the commission, guided by its own discretion.

3.3.5 Refuse to assist the User in the implementation of exchange transactions until the conclusion of the contract without giving reasons.

3.3.6 If an error occurred during the conversion, it must be confirmed. It is allowed to be guided by screen copies from the screens of electronic devices or similar files.

3.3.7 In case of incorrect (rude) treatment by the User, if there are requests on his part that are not on the topic of a potential transaction, with an incomplete amount of personal information necessary for currency exchange, it is allowed to stop further cooperation.

3.3.8 If there are complaints (specified in clause No. 5), block the conversion procedure.

3.3.9 In case of suspicion related to the potential fraudulent activity of the User, block the operation. Do not return the money until the identity of the potential scammer is confirmed.

3.3.10 If there are objective reasons, the Administration of the online service may block not only the course of providing exchange services, but also the User"s account.

3.3.11 The provision of conversion services may be suspended in case of receipt of information about the illegal enrichment of the User. Further cooperation continues only if it is refuted in accordance with the current legislative norms.

4. Nordchange activities (provided services):

4.1 The real-time service provides services for the conversion of electronic currency. The banks with which the resource works are listed on the site.

4.2 The legality of the funds that the User provides for the exchange is not checked.

5. The procedure for the exchange of electronic money

5.1 Work begins from the moment the money is received from the User"s account. If after 15 minutes from the moment of registration of the application the money is not received, the application is considered irrelevant and its processing is terminated. If the funds arrive after 30 minutes (set limit), the exchange rate will be adjusted according to possible changes.

5.2 As soon as the convertible money is credited to the client"s account (according to the specified details), the service is considered rendered.

5.3 The user does not have the right to return the money or stop the initiated exchange operation.

5.4 The Service works only if the entire amount specified at the time of the User"s request is available. If only part of it has been credited to the account, the operation is suspended, and the transaction is made according to the funds actually received.

5.5 Funds are transferred only to the current accounts of the User. If false information is provided, the money will be returned to the client (if it is technically possible) only if there is an official application.

5.6 Using a third party account or changing wishes (notes) to the service on the part of the User is the reason for suspending the exchange operation.

5.7 Working with Bitcoins depends on the operation of the system itself. In some cases, the waiting time for funds to be credited can range from 15 minutes to several days (with a large number of processed applications). Nordchange is not responsible for the delay and does not regulate the operation of the system.

5.8 In the event that the client makes a payment in cryptocurrency, the Nordchange service must receive payment within 30 minutes. Payment is considered received after 1 confirmation of the transaction. The exchange service is not responsible if the transaction does not gain the required number of confirmations within a given time, the service has the right to delete the application or recalculate at the current rate at the time of receipt of payment.

5.9 In any case, when a refund is made, a commission of 5% is withheld, except for paragraph 10.2.

6. Exchange transactions (guarantees and liability):

6.1 The administration of the service is not responsible for the User"s mistakes when filling out the application, specifying the details and getting acquainted with the features of the system. The client is obliged to familiarize himself in detail with all the nuances of the upcoming operation, ask questions if any, and only then make a final decision. Money transferred to an incorrectly specified account will not be returned.

6.2 If the User could not take full advantage of the possibilities of the service and because of this suffered various kinds of losses, then the Administration is not obliged to reimburse them.

6.3 Nordchange does not control the activities of banks and other financial institutions, and therefore is not responsible for failures and delays in the transfer of funds due to problems in the work of these organizations.

6.4 The user himself makes a decision regarding the conversion of electronic currencies and is responsible for it. Both in the case of profit from this decision, and in the presence of losses.

6.5 Administration of Nordchange does not refund losses to clients that arose due to slow traffic or other subjective reasons.

6.6 The user guarantees that the entire amount of funds provided by him for conversion is obtained legally. He himself is not involved in any kind of fraudulent transactions.

6.7 If after or during the exchange operations provided by the online service, third parties have suffered losses (both direct and indirect), then the issue of their compensation is decided by the User.

7. Changes to the Rules

7.1 Administration Nordchange has the right to change or supplement the text of the above agreement. Changes come into force from the moment they are posted on the site.

8. Unforeseen circumstances (force majeure)

8.1 Responsibility on both sides is removed in the event of the occurrence of circumstances that they are unable to change or prevent. Such circumstances include general moments: natural disasters, terrorist attacks, civil disturbances, strikes, strikes. Network failures, power supply problems and other unforeseen causes are also taken into account.

9. Conversion operations: mandatory components

9.1 It is forbidden to use the capabilities of the service for various kinds of illegal activities. Both individuals and legal entities understand that if they are suspected of participating in such operations, information about them will be transferred to law enforcement agencies. Features of possible punishment depend on the laws of the country in whose territory the crime was committed.

9.2 Subject to legitimate requests, Nordchange Administration has the right to transfer all information about the client to the competent authorities.

9.3 Since the administration of the service does not check the legality of sources of income and received electronic funds from the User, he himself is responsible for providing legal information.

9.4 Nordchange does not work with proxies. If the client has decided on this kind of cooperation, then the responsibility lies with him in full.

10. Risk management

10.1 The user guarantees the passage of the identity verification procedure (KYC) at the first request of the administration of the online service. Identification implies the provision of personal information confirming the identity (in the form and volume specified by the administration).

10.2 All User transactions are subject to AML verification. If one of the User"s wallet addresses is in any way associated with such terms as: Darknet Marketplace, Fraudulent Exchange, Illegal Service, Mixing Service, Ransom, Scam, Stolen Coins, the service administration has the right to freeze the operation and request from the User passing the procedure of full identification of the person. The User"s funds will be returned to the User"s details only after passing the identification procedure (minus a commission of 10%).

10.3 By clicking on the button "I agree with the terms of the agreement", the User confirms the voluntary and unconditional acceptance of all the rules of the service.